WHY WinEver?

At WinEver, we recognize that our client satisfaction depends in large part on our resource satisfaction, so we make meeting your career needs a top priority. We provide a high-touch, supportive environment that enables you to grow and challenge yourself while maintaining work-life balance. Read more


Permanent Recruitment


Winever Technology provides permanent recruitment staffing solutions for all roles across accounting, banking, finance, information technology & IT, administration, office support and Executive Search.
We have office locations in all major metro areas across India. Work with an expert permanent recruitment consultant in your local state to find top talent for the permanent role you are looking to fill.

Our specialised recruitment consultants are dedicated to helping you find your next per hire. Benefits of working with us include:
  • We provide a tailored permanent recruitment solution based on your individual hiring requirements.
  • We source candidates for you based not only on their skillset, experience, and qualifications but also intangible elements such
  • Our consultants are highly experienced (many having worked in the very roles you are sourcing for) and have a network of talented professionals ready to connect you with

We are passionate about delivering the highest calibre people solutions for your business no matter what your hiring need.

Temp /Contract

Temporary staff can be useful to your business for varied situations that may arise – for example, you may require temp staff to fill in for absent employees, or those on holiday; assist with special projects; or pitch in during especially busy times. Companies of all sizes rely on the use of specialised temp staff for 'just-in-time' access to in-demand skills.

Why use a temporary professional?
  • Using specialised temporary professionals to augment full-time staff is a cost effective way for your organisation to maintain productivity during workload peaks and troughs.
  • Specialised temporary professionals can fill in for absent staff or employees on leave, assist with special projects or help out during busy periods.
  • Temporary staff can be used during interim periods while you search for full-time employees.

Recruitment process


WinEver Technologies, with its strong software services competencies, work with leading recruitment companies to provide them highly competitive and innovative solutions, enabling them to accelerate new business acquisition and enhance customer & candidate experience.

WinEver Technologies Helps
  • Improve candidate, client and vendor experiences.
  • Efficiently track and manage applicants throughout the recruitment process Full management control.
  • Enhancement of existing application.
  • Cost effective 24*7 remote & onsite managed support services for recruitment applications.

Executive Search

As the world's premier executive recruitment firm, WinEver Technologies Executive Search is committed to excellence on both sides of the hiring equation. With more than 2 years of experience, we are the experts in leadership, senior management and c-suite recruitment because we are dedicated to providing a tailored end-to-end recruitment solution to our clients. We can help you source, identify and retain innovative and dynamic executives who will drive your business forward.


Having an effective executive search and leadership recruitment solution is imperative for companies who want to compete on a local and global scale. Product and service innovations can yield short-term success, but long-term prosperity is a direct result of leaders who excel.

Professional Resourcing


The evolution of products and services is moving at warp speed, and customers don’t just expect you to keep up, but to stay ahead. That’s why WinEver Technologies professional resourcing solutions are designed to keep your business agile and equipped with the best for whatever your market demands next.

For short-term projects or permanent positions in IT, Finance and Engineering, WinEver Technologies creates ideal employment matches to address your immediate needs, like shifting work loads, and your long-term goals, like improved performance, competitive advantage and profitability.

Direct Placement

In today’s highly competitive world, companies confront many challenges while scouring for top talent in IT – finding the ‘right person’ for the ‘right job’ at the ‘right compensation’, being one of them. Business enterprises that need flexibility and economy in IT staff augmentation rely on us to provide the right people with the right skills.


Our Direct Placement Services consultants meet your exacting expectations by conducting time-tested, rigorous, and customized skills assessments to ensure you get the right candidate with the requisite technical knowledge capabilities. We thoroughly scrutinize the candidates to ensure they possess the soft skills necessary to succeed in an ultra-competitive world.

Contingent Staffing


Most organizations are grappling with issues such as volatile market demand, increased government regulation, budgetary constraints, and shorter deadlines. WinEver Technologies can help you resolve these issues by providing you with an agile and flexible workforce to run your operations smoothly. Our contingent staffing services enable employers to hire a candidate on a contingent basis just for a specific project or assignment.

Our best-in-class contingent staffing services provide clients with the flexibility to hire on an ‘as-needed’ basis, for long-term or short-term assignments, enabling them to cater to huge demands with ease, while ensuring maximum productivity in the workplace.

Contract To Hire

Through our Contract-To-Hire Staffing Services, we preview a candidate’s on-the-job performance during the probation period before you hire the candidate permanently. This service allows you to mitigate employment risk by letting us personally hand pick and pre-screen individual candidates before they enter your doors. All WinEver Technologies employees undergo stringent background and credential checks, which we apply to your potential candidates, assuring that you receive only the very best individuals with verified qualifications and proven experience.


WinEver Technologies has been securing the very best individuals on contract-based and contingent placements since the day its operations began. To date, we have successfully placed thousands of qualified professionals across the globe in engagements of varying length.

Project Based


Our project based staffing services is specifically designed to address the staffing needs of a specific role or project by providing you talented resources that can fulfill your immediate or temporary needs. You require an adept and qualified team to successfully accomplish your project on time and within the specified budget. WinEver Technologies has an extensive high-quality talent pool across a range of disciplines. Our professionals work efficiently to bring your project to fruition.

WinEver Technologies takes a comprehensive approach to project based staffing services. We execute the management of an entire team’s timely onboarding and off-boarding, knowledge transfer, technical training and HR responsibilities. Our agile methodology enables complete flexibility and includes localized and globalized resources, as well as people working onsite and offsite to achieve the budget, technical and timing demands of meeting your organization’s market opportunities.

Offshore Process

We provide all or a part of the Offshore Process Outsourcing services (OPO) to an employer, and assume ownership of the recruitment process and responsibility for the results.The WinEver has been providing the best-in-class talent acquisition solutions to clients, including many Fortune so many clients, since 2016. With a proven record of successful Offshore Process Outsourcing services (OPO) and customized recruitment solutions, we continually drive best practices into the businesses we support.


Choosing to outsource your recruitment needs to WinEver Technologies means making a strategic decision to gain top quality, certified professionals faster, trained and ready to perform from day one. Mitigate employment risk by allowing us to handle the details, including screening, verifying credentials, and interviewing of employees, while actively reducing costs and gaining a strategic advantage through the quality of the individuals we deliver.

Payroll Processing


Payroll processing and management services is one of the important functions of every business organization, irrespective of its nature and size. Payroll processing and management services can create nightmares to many organizations because of problems such as errors in calculation, income tax, statutory and regulatory compliance, and high costs of payroll management.

Through attention to details and integration of meticulous system, WinEver Technologies can help eliminate your administrative payroll issues, offering you WinEver extra protection and an additional peace of mind concerning the security of your transactions. We’ve been providing centralized payroll processing and management services for more than 2years; so, whatever are your needs, we have a solution at hand, especially for you.