WHY WinEver?

At WinEver, we recognize that our client satisfaction depends in large part on our resource satisfaction, so we make meeting your career needs a top priority. We provide a high-touch, supportive environment that enables you to grow and challenge yourself while maintaining work-life balance. Read more



The solutions and outsourcing services offered by WinEver are focused on industry and designed to optimize the relationship between business and technology. This allows our clients to behave more responsively to market opportunities. WinEver Solutions leverage their deep experience in technology and offer best practices and proven solutions for our clients. The latest technology may not necessarily be the best solution for your company; therefore we offer a technologically neutral best practice evaluation that is exclusively focused on delivering the best results for your organization. WinEver fully supports the goals of our clients through the management, planning and execution of technology across the solution’s life cycle. We provide specialized teams which offer services that are business driven, reduce risk and increase return on investment. The solutions we offer are enterprise orientated and facilitate the transformation of business. By forming a partnership with our clients and delivering industry leading services, we seek to resolve the unique challenges clients face in both business and technology.

Application Transform

Applications Services deliver a comprehensive array of application strategy, development, and transformation, integration, and management services across custom and enterprise applications all focused one goal: superior business outcomes.

Taking full advantage of your IT speculation and driving business development relies on upon compelling administration of your undertaking data frameworks. Upgrading the execution and estimation of your applications, be that as it may, is no simple assignment, particularly in today's business world. Tight IT spending plans, expanded IT many-sided quality, time-to-market weights and changing business necessities make it troublesome for organizations to guarantee their applications are conveying most extreme esteem.

WinEver can offer assistance. We offer end-to-end application administration benefits that convey the mastery, abilities, arrangements and quality you have to effectively construct, run and advance your endeavor applications.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business intelligence services helping organizations harness the power of big data and customer analytics to drive business valueoffering helps businesses to automate their business processes by building next-gen web and enterprise applications. We have deep-domain expertise in using technologies to build world-class applications that automate business processes and improve performance.

Business intelligence (BI) has two basic different meanings related to the use of the term intelligence. The primary, less frequently, is the human intelligence capacity applied in business affairs/activities. Intelligence of Business is a new field of the investigation of the application of human cognitive faculties and artificial intelligence technologies to the management and decision support in different business problems.

The second relates to the intelligence as information valued for its currency and relevance. It is expert information, knowledge and technologies efficient in the management of organizational and individual business. Therefore, in this sense, business intelligence is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, providing access to, and analyzing data for the purpose of helping enterprise users make better business decisions. The term implies having a comprehensive knowledge of all of the factors that affect the business. It is imperative that firms have an in depth knowledge about factors such as the customers, competitors, business partners, economic environment, and internal operations to make effective and good quality business decisions. Business intelligence enables firms to make these kinds of decisions.

A specialized field of business intelligence known as competitive intelligence focuses solely on the external competitive environment. Information is gathered on the actions of competitors and decisions are made based on this information. Little if any attention is paid to gathering internal information.

Business Process

WinEver is a full-spectrum integrated Business Process Services (BPS) provider. We have adopted a customer-centric approach to BPS. Whether it is a Unified solution-Process excellence or an integrated IT solution, WinEver has developed a business model that delivers a strong and strategic partnership. Our integrated service framework helps us re-engineer processes, resulting in cost rationalization, productivity enhancement, and service quality improvement for our clients in focus verticals such as Travel and Transportation, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, and Media from our delivery centers located in the America, and India

We understand the challenges posed by a need for continuously enhancing customer satisfaction along with reducing operational costs and increasing revenues. To that end, we partner with all of our clients, bringing our innovative solutions, stringent quality standards, highly skilled domain-focused resources, and investments in technology to the engagement. We also use proprietary tools and frameworks to add value to our clients.

Our offerings include:

Industry leading Process, which is WinEver’ consultative approach, designed to identify and eliminate waste, achieve optimum service delivery, and provide best-in-class service. It facilitates creation of a framework that helps reduce costs and defects, improve productivity, and reduce time-to-market.

Terms Monitor, our in–house developed workflow management tool, provides real-time monitoring and performance dashboards.

Knowledge Support System enables capture of process knowledge for continuous process improvement.

Enterprise Solutions

The business environment is changing. It is well known that Enterprise Technologies can be harnessed to meet these demands. WinEver brings worldclass expertise across all major platforms and technologies to enable CIO's and IT Executives to leverage their investments in new and innovative technology solutions. We help reduce cost and deliver profit-driving IT capabilities faster than ever before.

We make it possible for IT leaders to introduce application, process and technology changes that improve business efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately elevating the status of IT within the enterprise and delivering real business value.

Right solutions

ERP solutions that fit your business, meet your strategic objectives and evolve with your changing business environment.


Driving reuse and consolidation of your technology footprint making it easier for you to support your business.

Data Management

From smarter ways to manage the exchange of data to strategies and tools to ensure it is the right data.

Extending your Reach

Whether it is delivering mobility based solutions to enable better connectivity & collaboration with your business partners and customers or extending your business applications to your mobile workforce, WinEver has mobility expertise to help get you there.


Positioning our customers to drive and deploy innovative solutions like a "Connected Everything" platform in the movement to the Internet of Things We understand the challenges facing organizations in today's global business environment. Using proven methodologies, we ultimately elevate the status of IT within the enterprise and deliver real business value. More than ever, your Enterprise Technologies are a critical component in retaining and winning customers as well as staying ahead of the competition.

Infrastructure Of The Parent Services

Conveying the best to your IT framework

Worldwide rivalry, evolving controls, moving client requests, restricted assets, limit difficulties, and spending requirements you have a great deal on your plate. You shouldn't need to stress over your framework. That is our employment. With the rise of distributed computing, virtualisation, and versatility, WinEver is all around adjusted to market patterns and requests. We offer the innovation, procedures, and individuals customers need to change their IT foundation, accomplishing efficiencies, cost reserve funds and other key business results. We offer our clients vitality effective green server farms, distributed computing and oversaw security benefits, all bolstered by a one of a kind endeavor benefit administration device set. These are only a couple of the regions where our innovation, industry, and area specialists are driving advancement and operational enhancements

Experience and expertise

Quality conveyance

WinEver's result based conveyance show and thorough administration structure accomplish the outcomes you anticipate

Decision and adaptability

WinEver offers a wide range of creative, IP-based arrangements that are intended for customers of all sizes and versatile to their one of a kind needs

Changing imagination into a ware

WinEver experts give industry authority through our financially savvy, inventive, and vitality productive administration focuses

System Integration Services

To upgrade execution, driving associations depend on WinEver's frameworks combination administrations. Our capable experts help customers outline, create and incorporate the frameworks and applications that best maintain their business. A conclusion to-end IT administrations supplier, WinEver has profound mastery in all features of customers' business and innovation situations, empowering us to counsel as well as to actualize and oversee arrangements. Our administrations are supplemented by WinEver's best-fit worldwide conveyance way to deal with giving the blend of significant worth and ability required.

Business intelligence

Administrations helping associations saddle the force of enormous information and client investigation to drive business esteem.

Enterprise content management

Making appropriate information more available over the endeavor to enhance execution and profitability and to decrease cost and hazard.

Data management services

Ascertaining data availability, the efficient replication to culminate utilizer requests, and the adaptation of a perpetually growing infrastructure

Enterprise application integration

Providing efficacious integration of applications to fortify your business processes and achieve business results

Enterprise architecture services

Organizing individuals, procedures and frameworks to enhance the execution of an endeavor's engineering capacities

Data security administrations

Actualizing proactive, business-adjusted endeavor security procedures that enhance hazard administration, profitability, information honesty and consistence

WHY WinEver?

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HRMS is Open Source is a HR management system that offers a wealth of modules to suit the needs of your business. This widely-used system is feature-rich, intuitive and provides an essential HR management platform along with free documentation and access to a broad community of users.

HRMS is a module-based, full-service HR solution for small- to medium- sized businesses operating in a single country. With HRMS, you benefit from a rich array of modules to suit the specific needs of your company and your budget. Modules provided with HRMS include:

System Administration

Personnel Information Management

Leave /Time off Management

Time & Attendance Management


Chat Service


Business Automation and Monitoring System Application (BAMSA), an innovative solution to streamline and manage all the processes within a business. BAMSA is an idea that originates from the concept of collective effort to achieve an organization’s goals. We recognize that with growth and expanding business operations, a firm becomes more complex. Weighing the inputs against the outputs requires more scientific procedures as a lot of formulas and tasks go into the making. To retrace the processes from the finial output to the initial input, for identifying key problem areas and managing outcomes is a massive task. Moreover, there are other risks of increasing hierarchical distances, dilution of control and small inefficiencies which may amount to greater consequences in the big picture. Hence we believe that every action, big or small, that takes place in an organization plays an important role in building its success quotient. In order to control the end-result, the actions and events have to be controlled.

Product Modules

Task Management

Process Management

Workflow Control & Reportings

Real Time Communications

Meetings & Briefings

Calendar & Scheduler

Grievance Handling Platforms

Document Vault

Asset Management